Muuttopalvelu M.Kähäri Oy / Instructions for the movers

All items should be packed in moving boxes or other sturdy boxes that can be closed.

The boxes should not be packed too full as they thus cannot be placed on top of each other in the moving van to save space.

The boxes should not be packed too heavy. One person should be able to carry the box. In case cardboard boxes are used, it should be made sure they can handle moving (e.g. make sure the bottoms of the boxes do not open).

Clothes and other textiles can be packed in sturdy plastic bags, e.g. garbage bags, in order to keep them from getting dirty. The clothes can be packed in the garbage bags with their hangers, making it easy to unpack them straight into the closets. Hanger boxes are also available; hanger clothes are easy to transport in these.

Breakable items must be carefully packed and protected even if moving boxes are used.

Order the boxes well in advance, in order for everything to be ready and packed once the moving van arrives.

In order to reduce unnecessary moving and re-moving of items, the boxes and items should be marked, for example, with a number that corresponds to the room the box/item is to be placed in the final destination. The rooms in the destination apartment should be marked similarly in order for the movers to recognize which room is which.

In case the movers are needed to remove light fixtures, washing machines or other such appliances, it should be stated in advance; thus the movers will know to take necessary tools with them.

In case there are especially heavy items to be moved (e.g. “the famous piano”), let us know in advance so we are prepared to move it.

Reserve a space for the moving van as close to the apartment as possible. If necessary, mark the space in advance for the other residents; this way the space will not be used for e.g. parking. If you are not certain where the moving van can park, let us know well in advance so we can try and find out a solution to the matter.

In addition, inform the other residents, for example, in case the elevator is needed in the move. Also, let us know well in advance in case a separate moving lift needs to be arranged on location.

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